About Us

Air conditioning is an important part of our Singaporean life. We need cool and refreshed air to ensure the comfort for our body all day long.

So make sure that your air conditioners are maintained regularly. Or the currently occurring problem is fixed promptly.

Just through a phone call, you can have an experienced staff from a reliable air con service company come to your house and give a right treatment to your ventilation system. To get things done in fast and effective manner, you may need a list of trustworthy air con service providers to rely on when needed.


– Aircon company set up based on Singapore
– we are providing one stop air conditioning services; installation, maintenance and repairing in all types of air-conditioning units.
– Our mission
1)   is to provide our customers with excellent and professional aircon services at reasonable price.,
2)   Over 10 years experience in Singapore
To all our esteemed clients, YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.