Need aircon service ? Need aircon maintenance? Need to buy new air con? Need advice on which brands and types of air conditioner suits your needs better? Need to sell your used air con? Need to check whether its time to change a new set of aircon? Need to buy re-conditioned air con? Need to know why you air con cannot start? Need to know why your air con is leaking water? Need to know why your air con is not cold? Need to know why your air con is emitting a bad odour? Need to know why your air con is very noisy? Need to know why your air con start and off by itself? Need to know if your air con is leaking gas? Need to relocate your air con? Need to repair your air con? Need a second opinion on your air con problem?


NO NEED TO HESITATE. We are always ready to listen to all your aircon needs and queries. We are a one-stop company for all types of aircon service. Let us help you resolve all your air conditioning issues in a timely manner so that you can enjoy clean and cool air.

Aircon Servicing

We specialise in providing all kinds of aircon servicing for all brands of aircon. Our maintenance cleaning services include ad hoc cleaning, periodic cleaning (contractual basis) and chemical cleaning. We also provide aircon repair and aircon installation services.

Sale Of Aircon Products

We sell all the major brands of new aircon products including but not limited to Mitsubishi Aircon (Starmex), Daikin Aircon, Panasonic Aircon and Fujitsu Aircon. We also sell new aircon parts and accessories. Normally, new aircon systems are sold together with installation services.

Buy/Sell 2nd Hand Air Con

We are one of the biggest seller of second hand aircon in Singapore. We re-condition and test all used aircon before selling them with warranty. We also sell secondhand aircon parts and accessories.



Payment Terms: Cash and Cheque Only